Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bright Pink, Sharp Eyeshadow Look

For a very fun Summer time makeup look, just follow this step by step tutorial!!
So, you can use any bright color you want, I used a bright pink!
(This is an E.L.F. palette)

            1.) Start by putting an eye primer all over your lid. I used Urban Decay, Primer Potion.

2.) Next, apply the color on your lid. Really pack it on so it's vibrant!!

3.) Now get a piece of paper or tape, and line it up under your bottom lash line, out towards your   eyebrow. Then place the shadow densely on this line.

     4.) Tidy it up if you need to, but it should look something like this! By the way don't bring the color very far past your crease!

    5.) This is optional, but it looks nice...You can apply yellow, or any other color, just along the edge of pink to soften it!
           6.) Now use any eyeliner you want, I recommend using a gel liner, or liquid for this look!

7.) Now start to make a small cat eye, you don't want it to compete with the straight edge of the pink!

                                       8.) Now apply Mascara to the top and bottom lashes!

             So, there you have it! The look is complete! I hope you liked it and maybe you'll give it a try!



  1. Fun!! Your makeup tutorials are always amazing :)

  2. That's really cute! Pink looks nice with your blue eyes. I think I basically need a giant palette like that.